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clayoo2 3D organic modeling reliefs sculpting

Freeform and Organic 3D Modeling

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3D Modeling, Reliefs and Sculpting inside Rhinoceros

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car sample done with clayoo

The only freeform plugin for Rhinoceros

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wine opener clayoo2 sample
chess board clayoo2 sample
carnival mask ring clayoo2 sample
boxing gloves clayoo2 sample
valentines ring clayoo2 sample
ironman helmet clayoo2 sample
human hand clayoo2 sample
fireman table tribute relief clayoo2 sample


Three Innovative Technologies in One

Create high-quality sculpted, embossed and brushed models inside Rhinoceros 5.0. The only Rhino 5.0 plugin with three different freeform technologies: SubD, Emboss and Sculpting.

RhinoGold Elements®

Imagine. Choose. Combine. 3D Print

Browse within a pre-made library of thousand jewelry components and combine them to make a unique piece ready for 3D printing without the need of 3D experience.


The most advanced CAD for Jewelry

The greatest and most advanced tools to create bespoke jewelry together with the ease of Elements make RhinoGold 6 the right “way to go” for jewelry professionals

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